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Gas Safety

Get safe. Stay safe. Train safe.

More than 177 million Americans rely on natural gas to heat water, cook food, and heat homes and businesses.

Natural gas is economical, clean-burning and a reliable source of energy when used correctly and safely with equipment that is properly installed and maintained. Like all sources of energy, natural gas should be used safely and responsibly. Take a few moments to review these pages to help ensure that you and your family enjoy all the benefits natural gas has to offer.

Staying Safe Around Natural Gas

Notify DigSafe® Before You Dig

It's the law - notify DigSafe® at least 3 business days before starting any digging project (big or small)

Integrity Management Program

Our goal is a safe system


We operate over 86 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline and 1,400 miles of underground distribution pipe. Our goal is to operate an energy delivery system that runs safely and reliably, so people can use natural gas when they need it.

How does Unitil ensure a safe pipeline system?

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