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Important Update for Unitil Customers in New Hampshire

Please read below for important information about Unitil’s energy efficiency programs. Effective immediately, Unitil must pause accepting energy efficiency program applications from our customers.

November 2021, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission issued a formal order regarding the funding for energy efficiency programs for 2021-2023. This new order proposes a significant change in the way energy efficiency programs would be funded and includes a number of directives regarding future rates, future filings, budgets and other key areas of program design and administration. Right now, we’re working hard to understand the implications this order will have on the availability of programs, and to develop solutions so that we can continue to offer energy efficiency programs to our customers.

As a result of this order, Unitil is pausing residential projects for the remainder of 2021 applications and for any new projects anticipated for 2022. Customers with a new 2021 commercial project should contact Unitil directly for further clarification. Additionally, all point-of-sale and retail rebates and incentives on lighting, appliances, equipment, and HVAC systems are closed as of November 23, 2021.

Unitil remains a supporter of energy efficiency programs in New Hampshire: we believe the energy saving benefits offered through our NHSaves programs not only help the environment, but provide meaningful savings for our customers. As more information becomes available regarding program enrollment, we will share it with you as soon as possible.

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