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Creating a sustainable future for all.

Unitil’s dedication to meet evolving energy needs and deliver safe, reliable energy to its customers parallels a commitment to return increasing value to its shareholders.


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in Northeast for customer satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction Rating [2023]
Best Place to Work in NH [Business NH Magazine, 2023]


Investing in our energy future

Energy Projects & Initiatives

Building platforms for success


A collective forward vision

2023 Annual Report

Executing on our core responsibility of delivering safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy service is how we achieve the strong financial performance that our shareholders have come to expect. Read about our progress in the 2023 Annual Report.

2023 Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Report

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do. This dedication drives us as we expand clean energy choices for our customers and ensure the service we provide remains safe, reliable and affordable for all.
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