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Our Equipment & Your Property

Navigating Unitil's equipment at your home or business.

Utility infrastructure is all around you. For any home or business owner who has Unitil as their service provider, our electric lines and/or gas pipelines are above and below your street, and even run onto your property. Mutual respect of this intersection is important for everyone’s safety, as well as the efficient, reliable delivery of your energy.

Service Equipment Responsibilities

What’s ours and yours

Where does Unitil’s infrastructure end and your service equipment begin? It’s an important distinction when it comes to maintenance or fixing an issue.

Landscaping Around Equipment

Mindful digging and planting

It matters where you stick that shovel or plant that tree. It could mean a difference in safety — or savings! Get to know must-dos and best practices.

Unitil’s Rights-of-Way

Unitil has the responsibility and rights to access and maintain electric and natural gas infrastructure in accordance with established right-of-way law. A right-of-way (ROW) is a strip of land, usually about 30 to 100 feet wide, containing electric or gas transmission equipment. Prior to its construction, a permanent ROW for a power line or pipeline is typically acquired from each property owner impacted by the construction. The ROW grants the crossing of the power line or pipeline across a property owner’s parcel.

The ROW, also called an easement, stays with the title of the property as it is transferred from one subsequent owner to another. The easement is held by Unitil or a subsidiary and enables us to operate, inspect, repair, maintain or replace its electric or gas equipment in a timely manner, allowing us to provide expert service when customers need it most.

Questions? Contact us at 1-888-301-7700.

Solar & Private Generation

Go green and save some green

We encourage customers to install renewable energy systems on their properties in parallel with our existing electric system. While set-up can be an undertaking, you’ll be helping to offset your electric usage, which can lower your monthly utility bill.