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August 11th is National 811 Day

National 811 Day is a reminder to always dig safely by calling 811 at least three days before digging. Whether using a hand tool or a backhoe, this simple call is not only a legal responsibility, it's the best way to keep you and your neighborhood safe.

digging with a pitch fork
couple working on bills

Price Volatility

Prepare for Winter Energy Supply Costs

Know what resources and options are available before supply prices change in the fall. Supply rates are the market cost of electricity generation and are passed directly from our energy suppliers to you.

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New NH Electric Rate

Time-of-Use Electric Rates

Shift your electricity usage to times of the day when energy costs are lower and reduce your electric bill with Unitil's NH Whole House and Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rates.

In the Community

Powering young minds

By supporting outstanding students, teachers and innovative educational programming, Unitil is investing in not only its own future, but a brighter future for everyone.

Shoals Marine lab interns learn on a boat to the island