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Time to revive that connection

You should call them. Your gas appliance professional that is. When using gas appliances, it's important to ensure fittings and connections are up to date. Regular maintenance and inspection by a professional are necessary for home safety.

doing the dishes

Financial assistance

We all need help sometimes

Local and state organizations offer supportive programs for qualified customers to manage energy costs. We work closely with these organizations to ensure that our customers’ needs are met throughout the year.

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Price volatility

Winter energy supply costs

Know what resources and options are available this winter. Supply rates are the market cost of electricity generation and are passed directly from our energy suppliers to you.

In the Community

Thank you Team Unitil

We are immensely proud and humbled by our Unitil employees, who together have pledged over $36,000 to Granite United Way (NH), United Way of Southern Maine, and United Way of North Central MA during our annual United Way Employee Campaign.