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Pricing & Rates

Better understand the ins and outs of electric and gas costs.

Understanding energy rates

There are many factors that impact energy rates and cause them to change over time. Your utility bill includes distinct categories for different services. The rates for each category are determined in different ways.

Explore Energy Costs

Unitil is committed to providing reliable and affordable energy to our customers.


Electric and gas rates on your bill are determined by a number of factors, including weather, energy demand and distribution costs set by your state.


Learn more about tariffs in your area.

Third-Party Energy Suppliers

You have a choice when it comes to your energy supplier.

Time-of-Use Rates

New Electric Rates

Shift your electricity usage to times of the day when energy costs are lower and reduce your electric bill with Unitil's Electric Vehicle and NH Whole House Time-of-Use Rates.
FERC & OATT Information

Learn more about the regulations in your area.

Understanding Your Bill

How to read your monthly energy statement

Let us unpack the different parts of your bill, from supply to delivery.

Helpful Resources

Check out the blog posts below to discover how to reduce your monthly bill.