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Third-Party Energy Suppliers

You have choices when it comes to your energy supply.

Have you ever received a flyer or solicitation in the mail asking if you’d like to switch to another energy provider? As a Unitil customer we know how confusing this can be, but it’s important to know you have options — and to understand what these options mean.

Both the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission and Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities carry a list of approved providers on their respective Websites.

Your current supply rate (fixed service) can be found at

Options for Electric Customers

Unitil electric customers have the option to take supply service from Unitil or purchase their electricity from competitive suppliers. This supply portion of your bill is only one portion of the overall rate that utility customers pay.


Options for Natural Gas Customers

Residential customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and all of Unitil’s commercial and industrial natural gas customers, including in Maine, may choose the company that supplies their natural gas – a right often referred to as customer choice.