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Downed Power Lines

Report right away at 1-888-301-7700

Stay alert and at a distance when wires fall down.

High winds, fallen trees, motor vehicle accidents or heavy snow and ice are just a few of the causes of a fallen power line. If you encounter a fallen line, it’s crucial to stay as far away as possible (minimum 30 feet) and always assume it is energized or “live”.

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Take care and stay clear

Here are a few tips on how to stay safe when you encounter a downed wire.

  • Stay as far away from all downed lines as possible (minimum of 30 feet) no matter if you're on foot, bike, or in a vehicle.
  • Always assume downed wires are energized or "live". A live line can send electricity through rainwater, metal objects such as guardrails, and even pavement so stay far away.
  • Downed lines may be hidden — avoid flooded land or areas that have destroyed structures and debris.
  • Avoid driving through damaged areas — downed lines may jeopardize your own safety.
  • Report downed power lines to Unitil — call 1-888-301-7700.

When a line lands on your vehicle

A special note about your vehicle and downed lines:

  • Stay inside your vehicle (until help arrives) if a downed line lands on top of it – unless there is a fire, then…
  • If there is a fire, jump clear of the vehicle — avoid touching the ground and vehicle at the same time.
  • Shuffle away from the vehicle — keep both feet in contact with the ground at all times.

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