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Report a Gas Emergency

If you suspect a gas leak, LEAVE the area immediately (at least 300 feet away).

Once you are in a safe place, call 911 immediately, and then call Unitil at the emergency number for your state:

Our emergency lines are monitored 24/7/365 by qualified personnel to assist you in the event of an emergency.

Not sure if it's a leak?

Learn how to recognize the telltale signs, and what you need to do to stay safe.

If you suspect a gas leak, DO:

  • Leave immediately. Move to a safe place, at least 300 feet away.
  • Warn others to stay away from the area.
  • Call 911 when in a safe location far from the gas leak.

Learn more about leak response

If you suspect a gas leak, DO NOT:

  • Do not try to turn off your gas meter.
  • Do not use a lighter, match, candle, or open flames, or operate anything that could cause a spark (such as cell phones, lights, appliances, flashlights, a garage door opener or power tools).
  • Do not open exterior windows or doors in an attempt to ventilate.
  • Do not try to find the leak yourself or operate any pipeline valves.