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Unitil Issues Thunderstorm Advisory


Transforming our future

Our commitment to sustainability reflects a deep dedication to across-the-board environmental, social, and governance policies and practices, all of which are fundamental to long-term value creation. True sustainability embraces a culture of innovation and collaboration integrated with strategy and risk management and guided by solid corporate governance. It is our longstanding belief that a thriving and sustainable business is undeniably linked to commitment, engagement, accountability, and transparency at the highest levels.

Sustainability is embedded in our key initiatives and strategies, our leadership development and workforce planning, and our guiding principles — Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence. Our objective is to ensure the Company’s long-term success through mindful actions today and continued commitment to our values, goals, and the critical success factors outlined in our strategic plan.

As we transform our business to meet the needs of future generations, we are fully engaged in the environmental, social, and governance priorities that matter most to our investors and other stakeholders. In doing so, we ensure that we are truly delivering energy for life.

What Sustainability Means to Unitil

Sustainability sits at the core of Unitil's mission, is embedded in all of our daily efforts and helps guide us toward our vision.

Our Net-Zero Emissions Commitment

Each year, we take steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our facilities, fleet and energy operations to continue promoting responsible, eco-friendly practices that help preserve the environment.

Sustainability in Practice

We are committed to the alignment of our business with the environmental, economic and social priorities of the communities we serve.

Massachusetts Electric Sector Modernization Plan

A plan outlining our vision for the future improvements needed to the electric grid in support of the Massachusetts Commonwealth’s electrification and renewable energy goals.

A Sustainable Facility

Reducing our carbon footprint


A step toward a greener future

Battery Storage System

Supporting the expansion of renewable energy