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Battery Storage System

Supporting the expansion of renewable energy in our region. In Townsend, Massachusetts, Unitil installed a two-megawatt battery storage system that will support the addition of more clean energy resources on the electric grid while balancing increased demand on the system.

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Kevin Sprague

It’s so much more than a battery project. We’ve created a smarter, more dynamic grid, giving the area one of the most advanced electric infrastructures in all of New England. The customers served by this substation will be among the first in the region to benefit from true “Smart Grid” technology.

Kevin Sprague
VP, Engineering, Unitil

Main project details

With a growing number of alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar, connected to today’s electric grid, the distribution system has become increasingly complex. These renewable energies fundamentally change the way electricity flows within the electric system, transforming what has historically been a one-way flow of electricity into a multi-directional, dynamic web of energy that shifts based on external factors like weather. The system must now be actively balanced, and energy storage and demand response is increasingly important as consumers, generators, and others participate in new and emerging markets that add load to the grid.

To help meet this new demand on the system, as well as facilitate the addition of new alternative energy sources, Unitil has invested in installation projects like the utility-scale battery storage system in Townsend, Massachusetts. Designed to reduce peak loading on the nearby substation equipment, its capacity represents over 2 percent of the system peak for Massachusetts and has the ability to serve more than 1,300 homes for over two hours.

This storage project has the potential to advance grid operations, defer the need for costly upgrades, and aid in overall system reliability as we support renewable energy solutions.

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