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A step toward a greener future in Fitchburg. With modern technology and a renewable energy source, we can continue our effort to bring reliable and sustainable electricity to our customers. In Fitchburg, Massachusetts, one way we accomplish this goal is through the Solarway initiative — a 1.3-megawatt solar array.

aerial view of Solarway solar array in Fitchburg, MA
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Alec O'Meara

We couldn’t be more pleased with the output of Solarway, which is producing clean and renewable energy for the community exactly as designed. It’s great to see this land back to its historical role of energy production for the city.

Alec O'Meara
Media Relations Manager, Unitil

Main project details

This solar array is a true representation of Unitil’s sustainability stewardship. Built on 15 acres of land once occupied by a fossil fuel-burning power plant, Solarway creates renewable energy that can be relied upon by the Commonwealth community for generations to come.

In total, Solarway’s 3,708 panels hold 533,952 cells, each one producing solar power that provides energy to the towns we serve. With the average annual electricity consumption by residential utility customers at 10,766 kilowatt-hours (kWh), Solarway’s 1.3-megawatt production can independently power 144 homes each year.

Solarway is a true testament to the power of clean, renewable energy, and our commitment to the community of Fitchburg.

ribbon cutting ceremony for Solarway

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