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5 Perks of Having a MyUnitil Online Account

A MyUnitil online account can be a valuable tool for viewing, managing, and paying for gas and electric service – at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

A MyUnitil online account makes it easy to manage your Unitil account(s) including payments, energy usage, preferences, and more! Here are five perks of having a MyUnitil online account that make life easier for busy people on the go.

Pro Tip: Unitil’s monthly newsletter, available in PDF format on MyUnitil, features tips on safety, energy efficiency, ways to save, and more.

Personalize Your Profile for Alerts and Messages

Save a tree! Sign up for paperless billing on MyUnitil, then choose whether you want to receive your bill via email or text. You can even arrange for text notifications for power outage restoration or account correspondence.

Here’s How: 

Profile → Notifications

Report a Power Outage

Visit MyUnitil to report a power outage in just a few clicks! Be sure to call us to report natural gas-related issues or to report a downed wire or broken pole. Emergency lines are monitored 24/7/365 by qualified personnel to assist you in the event of an emergency.

  • MA Gas Emergencies: 1-866-542-3547
  • ME Gas Emergencies: 1-866-900-4460
  • NH Gas Emergencies: 1-866-900-4115

Here’s How:

Account Services → Report an Outage

View and Pay Bills

Look no further than the MyUnitil dashboard for a snapshot of your most recent gas and electric bills. From here you can view the details of your current bill, view previous bills, and make a payment.

Here’s How: 

Bills & Payment

Transfer or Disconnect Service

Simply verify your identity, the last date of service at your current address, and where we should mail your final bill. Be sure to include a phone number where we can reach you with any questions.

Here’s How: 

Account Services → Transfer Service or Disconnect Service

View Your Energy Usage

Get visuals on your monthly usage paired with your area's average temperature for better context. Electric customers with a smart meter can also access daily usage through the Smart Meter tab. Learn more about viewing and downloading your energy usage. 

Here’s How: 

Billed Usage

Key Takeaways:

  • MyUnitil makes it easy to view, manage, and make payments for your gas and electricity on the go, whether you use a mobile device, tablet, or laptop.
  • Going green with paperless billing reduces the costs associated with printing and mailing your monthly bill – and spares a few trees in the process!
  • Natural gas issues and emergencies, as well as downed wires and broken utility poles should always be reported to qualified personnel immediately by phone.