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How to Painlessly Transfer Your Service When You Move

Scheduling a transfer of gas or electric service in advance of your move will ensure a seamless transition, and save some headaches along the way.
paper calendar with moving day highlighted

Let’s face it: moving is stressful, whether it’s across the street or across the country. There’s lots of coordination that needs to happen, from change of address notifications to enrolling the kids in their new schools. But there’s one aspect of moving that can be entirely stress-free, and that’s transferring your gas or electric service.

If your new home is within Unitil’s service area, there’s no need to cancel service and sign up again at the new address – and the transfer process is easy to initiate online.

PRO TIP: If your move is less than five business days away, skip the online request and give us a call instead.

Here are some tips for a seamless transfer of service so that you’ll have one less ball to juggle on moving day.

  1. Be sure to notify Unitil as far in advance as possible, particularly during the summer months – the peak season for moving. At least two weeks is ideal.
  2. Pay any outstanding balance before initiating the transfer, to ensure there’s no delay.
  3. Arrange for the cancellation of service at your old address one day after you leave, and schedule the service at your new address to begin the day before you move in.
  4. A member of our Customer Service team will confirm receipt of your request via email with a transfer confirmation.