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Pipeline Safety

Our goal is a safe system.

Natural gas systems have a proven record of safety, but incidents can occur. Hazards include blowing gas, line rupture, fire, explosion, or possible asphyxiation. We care about your well-being and continuously work to make our system safe.

  • Our gas control and dispatch center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We regularly patrol our pipeline rights-of-way and conduct regular inspections of our pipeline system.
  • Our gas operations employees receive regular training and are qualified under U.S. Department of Transportation standards as natural gas pipeline operators.
  • Employees are on-call at all times to respond to any contingency.
  • We spend millions of dollars annually on pipeline replacements and upgrades.
  • We work with emergency responders to make them aware of our pipelines and how to respond in an emergency.
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Understanding Gas Infrastructure & Delivery

How we deliver gas to you, and the parts of our pipelines you might interact with in your daily life.

Help us keep our facilities secure

In these days of greater security consciousness, Unitil is operating with a heightened sense of awareness. We ask for your help in keeping our facilities safe. Besides watching for signs of a gas leak or unauthorized digging along pipeline rights of way, please be alert for any unusual or suspicious activity near pipeline facilities. Report any such activity to your local law enforcement agency and to Unitil.

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