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Integrity Management Plan

Maintaining a safe natural gas system. In accordance with federal regulations, some segments along our pipeline have been designated as High Consequence Areas. We have developed supplemental assessments and prevention plans for these highly populated areas with transmission pipelines traversing them. Unitil’s Integrity Management Plan outlines the Company’s plan and activities to ensure the safety of our pipeline system.

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Main plan summary

Our gas control and dispatch center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We regularly patrol our pipeline rights-of-way and conduct regular inspections of our pipeline system. Our gas transmissions operations employees receive regular training and are qualified under U.S. Department of Transportation standards as natural gas pipeline operators.

Employees are on-call at all times to respond to any situation. We invest millions of dollars annually in pipeline replacements and upgrades. In addition, we work with emergency responders to make them aware of our pipelines and how to respond in an emergency.