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Call Before Clearing Your Sewer Line

Know what’s inside — a clogged sewer could be a bigger problem.

A blocked sewer line may be the result of another utility line (gas, electric, and telecommunications) accidentally cross boring through a sewer line. A cross bore is an unsafe intersection of two different utility lines. Do not try to clear a blockage, as it could result in a serious accident.

Before clearing a blockage, call Unitil (MA) 1-866-542-3547, (ME) 1-866-900-4460, (NH) 1-866-900-4115 for immediate assistance. A possible blockage in a sewer lateral could be caused by a natural gas pipeline drilled through the sewer line in error. Cutting into this could result in a gas leak, fire or explosion. Unitil will dispatch a technician to meet with you and locate the gas pipeline.

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