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Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rate

Charge Smarter

Eligible* electric customers who own an electric vehicle may be able to save money on charging by signing up for Unitil's EV Time-of-Use rate. An additional meter is needed to measure the charging of electric vehicles and will be installed by Unitil. You would be responsible for hiring an electrician to install an additional meter socket/location to house the Time-of-Use meter.

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*Current EV TOU eligibility includes MA and NH residential customers and NH business customers. MA business customers are eligible for Electric Vehicle (EV) Demand Charge Alternative Rates.

What is Time-of-Use? 

Historically, Unitil has offered the standard rate which charges one price for every kWh you use no matter the time of day you use it. This option is still available to electric residents and business customers throughout all our service territories. 

Time-of-Use (TOU) rates have different electricity prices based on the time of day electricity is used. Customers can manage their bills by shifting tasks that require electricity to off-peak hours when electricity costs are the lowest.

time of use graph explaining mid-peak hours are 6am to 3pm, costing about the same as standard rate. On-peak hours are 3pm to 8pm, costing about 3x the standard rate. Off-peak hours are 8pm to 6am, costing less than the standard rate.

All holiday and weekend hours are billed at the off-peak rates no matter the time of day.

Rate Comparison Calculator

Our Time-of-Use calculator is fully equipped with tools to help you decide if getting an electric vehicle and choosing Time-of-Use is a good choice for your lifestyle. 

View our Rate Comparison Calculator

Rates for MA Commercial EV Customers

Commonly Asked Questions About EV Time-of-Use

Ready to get EV Time-of-Use rates?

Email us at or call to learn more and enroll. New Hampshire: 1-603-227-4565 | Massachusetts: 1-978-353-3234

Benefits of EV Ownership

Beyond the gas station

Learn about the environmental and financial benefits of EVs and the energy independence they bring.

Charging Options

At home, at work, or on the road

Don’t let range anxiety limit your next trip; explore Level 1 and Level 2 home charging options.

An EV Future

New programs on the horizon

Unitil is committed to supporting every customer’s sustainability journey; read up on demand management, time-of-use rates and charging host programming.

Up and Coming

There are more than 2 million EVs on U.S. roads as of September 2021. By 2030, EV sales are forecasted to surpass 3.5 million units per year.

Introducing Ready2Charge Rebates!

Are you a MA electric customer looking to install a Level 2 EV charger? Unitil is offering rebates to get your home, garage, driveway, or business ready to charge an electric vehicle.