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Upcoming Winter Energy Prices 2022

Increased Price Volatility of Energy Supply

While Unitil’s current electric supply rates are locked in and will remain stable through November, New England’s energy market remains highly volatile. We want to ensure you know what resources and options are available to you now, before prices change again this fall.

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Hi there, Alec O'Meara at Unitil here with another update about this coming winter's energy costs. As we've talked about before, New England is facing an energy crunch this coming season because there isn’t enough natural gas pipeline capacity coming to New England. This means we are competing abroad with Europe for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) shipments - which supplement our own supply.

We’ve been taking a number of steps to try and find ways to mitigate this cost. One thing we have done is work with local regulators to find a way to make our upcoming rate for an eight-month period as opposed to a six-month period. We’re hoping to be able to spread those costs out a bit more will help mitigate those costs, but we are still expecting high supply costs for this coming season.

We'll have more information as we receive it at Find information about Energy Efficiency programs, assistant programs available this winter, and information on third-party supply.


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