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Storm Resiliency Program

Our preventative maintenance.

Trees near power lines are the single greatest cause of power outages on most electric systems. To improve service reliability for customers and municipalities in our service territories, Unitil performs additional proactive tree work above normal maintenance. This preventative maintenance helps increase our electric system's resiliency, meaning our customers can rely on their power during a major storm.

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Dave Clapham, Forestry Supervisor, MA Forestry Operations

Today’s right tree planted in the right place is a successful tree for the future. In the wrong place it can cause issues for everyone.

Dave Clapham
Forestry Supervisor, MA Forestry Operations

Main initiative details

The Storm Resiliency Program consists of enhanced tree pruning and increased hazard tree removal. Work locations are chosen based on several factors including number of customers affected, site conditions, line configurations, and critical infrastructures identified by towns. This program began in 2012 and has continued every year since, accomplishing excellent results in improved electric reliability.

By consenting to this important tree work, you can help prevent power outages in your community.

To accomplish this, we wish to achieve ground-to-sky clearance that would include the removal of trees and branches growing above our electric wires as well as the incompatible trees growing underneath them that could cause future problems. Please refer to the brochure below.

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