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Budget Billing

Eliminate surprises and pay the same amount year-round.

By enrolling in our residential budget billing program, you get predictable energy bills each month. This means no monthly spikes or fluctuations because of weather or rate changes — you’ll know exactly what your bill will be, month over month.

To enroll in budget billing, please call Customer Service at 1-888-301-7700.

Here are the details:

  1. You can enroll at any time. Residential customers may enroll at any time of year. Once enrolled, you will be automatically renewed every twelve months. 
  2. We calculate your monthly payment based on past usage. Your monthly payment amount is determined by the actual energy usage and rate patterns during the last twelve months.
  3. We can adjust as needed. Your account will be reviewed periodically to make sure your payment is keeping pace with your actual usage costs. If we need to adjust your payment amount, we will notify you beforehand.
  4. Renewal is automatic. At the time of renewal, your balance amount for the prior 12 months will settle up. This bill will reflect either a charge or a credit, depending on the difference between your plan and the actual charges incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions