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Majority of Massachusetts Customers Restored

Over 100 crews will address single service issues, isolated pockets on system into tonight.
Hampton, NH

Unitil’s restoration effort has reached its final phase, with a majority of Massachusetts customers restored less than 48 hours after a powerful nor’easter finished dumping over two feet of snow on North Central Massachusetts.

At peak Tuesday afternoon when snow was falling at a rate of an inch-plus an hour, approximately 16,800 Unitil customers were without power. Altogether, approximately 36,000 Unitil customers were impacted by the storm at some point.

Crews will continue to work to address all remaining single service issues until the remaining impacted customers have been fully restored. Customers who remain without power after their neighbors have been restored are urged to call Unitil customer service and report the outage again. Some of these customers may have service issues specific to their homes and will require work by a private electrician before restoration can be completed.

Updated estimates of restoration times for remaining locations can be found at

“We deeply appreciate the patience of all of our customers as we have worked through this event, which dumped an unprecedented amount of wet heavy snow onto our region in a very short period of time,” Unitil Media Relations Manager Alec O’Meara said. “We’d like to thank local first responders in Fitchburg, Townsend, Lunenburg, and especially Ashby, where snow totals were highest, for their assistance as we worked to navigate the region and keep people safe as we got the lights back on for the communities we both serve.”


Unitil asks that when reporting outage information, outlets time stamp the information. Outage numbers change hourly and we wish to make sure the information customers receive is consistent and understandable. Re-Tweets and re-posting of old information without referencing a time can create confusion. 


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