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Cybertruck a Highlight at Unitil's EV 'Ride & Drive'

Exeter event showcases a variety of electric vehicles from local dealerships and owners.
Exeter, NH

Unitil’s third Annual “Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive” attracted plenty of EV enthusiasts, some who wanted to learn more about driving electric, and others who attended to get an up close and personal look at Tesla’s elusive Cybertruck.

The free event, which was held on June 8 at Unitil’s electric operations facility in Exeter, drew a steady stream of curious visitors and potential consumers who came to check out the latest makes and models on the market and take a test drive. Representatives from local dealerships were on hand to showcase their all-electric and hybrid vehicles and answer questions, while several EV owners also stopped by with their personal vehicles to share experiences and offer first-hand insight. 

“The Ride & Drive continues to draw a wide range of attendees and serves as a unique opportunity for not only EV enthusiasts, but also those looking to educate themselves on the types of vehicles that are available, the unique features they offer, and the overall EV driving experience,” said Unitil External Affairs Director Alec O’Meara. “As expected, Tesla’s new 2024 All-Wheel Drive Cybertruck was one of the biggest highlights of the event. We’re pleased that its owner was able to participate and allow visitors to check out its futuristic features.”      

Cybertruck owner Zeke Schmois of Kensington fielded numerous questions about the vehicle like that it is an all electric medium duty full-size pickup truck with a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds. “Overall, the questions were good with people focusing on the truck's more unique features like the steer-by-wire, four-wheel steering, power sharing capabilities, and all the typical truck features like towing capacity, air suspension adjustments, and range under load,” he said.

Cybertruck in Exeter

Ken White of Rochester came specifically to see the Cybertruck after learning that it would be making an appearance. He attempted to see one in Boston, but said he couldn’t get close enough. He has a Cybertruck on order.

“You couldn’t get within seven feet of it in Boston because they wouldn’t let anyone around it. That’s why we came here because we heard it was going to be open and you could see it and touch it if you really wanted to. It’s a little bit bigger than I thought it would be. I think it’s fantastic. Electric vehicles are the way to go. They’re the future,” said White, who owns a Tesla Model 3.

Attendee Peter Cassidy of Seabrook also owns a Tesla Model 3 and has ordered a Cybertruck. When he bought his Model 3 five years ago he was partial to Tesla, but his attitude has changed since then as more makes and models continue to hit the market. “Now I just tell everyone to buy an EV. I bought my wife an electric car, a Nissan LEAF, in January,” he said.

The most common questions Henry Duverneau, a sales consultant at Volvo Cars of Exeter, received during the event were related to charging. “I just think it’s a great learning opportunity. A lot of people may know about EVs, but some may not know much about them,” said Duverneau, who displayed the all-electric Volvo XC40 Recharge and the XC 90 Recharge, which is a plug-in hybrid.

Sue Hamel of Hampton came to learn more as she and her husband are considering buying an electric or hybrid vehicle and have been renting Teslas when they travel in an effort to get a better feel for how they drive.

People looking at EV's at Event

“This event has been great because they have the brand new cars from the dealerships, but also people brought their own cars, which was nice because it’s real experience and real data. It’s not one person giving you information, it’s from different people who have used the car for different things in their life and that’s real life in my opinion,” she said.

For Unitil electric customers who currently own an EV or are looking to purchase one, O’Meara noted that they could save money on charging by signing up for Unitil's EV Time-of-Use rate, which is available to residential and business customers in New Hampshire and residential customers in Massachusetts. Time-of-Use rates offer a different price for electricity based on the time of day when it’s used. Customers could see potential savings by shifting tasks that require electricity to off-peak hours when electricity costs are the lowest. For more information on EV Time-of-Use rates, visit


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