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Where can I pay my bill in person?

A number of payment locations are conveniently located throughout our service areas. To find a location to make a payment, please search for your nearest Western Union location.

Please be aware that some locations may require a bill in order to make a payment or process a security deposit. Federal requirements limit the maximum payment amount at $2,500 per transaction. Use only authorized payment agents to facilitate timely payment posting! Many of our customers pay their bill directly to us or use a payment agent that we've authorized to collect customer payments. However, some customers have used bill payment services that do not have any arrangements with us to process payments. We cannot ensure that payments made through one of these unauthorized bill payment services will be forwarded to us in a timely manner or even ensure that payment will be forwarded at all.

To protect yourself and your utility service, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Use caution when making your payment through a third-party bill payment service that is not authorized by Unitil.
  • Be sure to bring both portions (top and bottom) of your bill or provide your 10-digit Unitil account number.
  • The payment agent might charge a service fee for each transaction. Check your local phone directory and contact the payment agent for specifics. Most importantly, always keep your receipt.