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How do I download billing, payment, or usage history for multiple accounts into a single file?

In the MyUnitil portal, you can download up to 24 months of billed usage, payment history, or billing history for all the accounts linked to your MyUnitil profile into a single data file.

First, log in to the MyUnitil mobile app or your MyUnitil account.

Navigate to “Bills & Payments,” “Payment History,” or "Billed Usage” in the main menu.

myunitil download multiple linked accounts


Scroll to the bottom and select “Download.”

myunitil download multiple linked accounts


In the pop-up box, select which account(s) you would like to download data for. You can select a single account, multiple accounts, or all the accounts that are linked to your MyUnitil profile. Select the data type and the date range, then select “Download.” A CSV file will download to your device.