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Upgrades Cut Back on School Delays for Dover High School

The new public high school in Dover, New Hampshire, had a modernized building, but its boiler system was in dire need of replacement. It needed one that was equipped to heat the school adequately, avoiding unnecessary school delays. The school worked with Unitil to install a brand new, efficient system and save money on the project.

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We enjoyed collaborating with Unitil and making this investment. By installing four high‐efficiency boilers, the Dover High School community can trust that the system will operate consistently and keep the school warm throughout the harsh winter months. We are confident that our purchase will help to avoid school cancelations and delays should the heating system experience a malfunction.

Robert Carrier
Deputy mayor, Dover High School joint building committee chair

Main project details

The aging boiler system in the previous high school would struggle to heat the school adequately if any one boiler was not functioning properly. However, the new system operates under redundant modulation; in the event one boiler malfunctions or is taken offline for service, the remaining boilers can ramp up to carry the load and satisfy the building’s heating demand.

By installing the energy efficient boilers, Dover High School is expected to reduce usage by approximately 8,000 therms of natural gas per year, saving money and eliminating the release of the equivalent of 93,511 pounds of CO2 emissions.

“Unitil and the city of Dover have been working together for a number of years with a goal of modernizing the city's infrastructure,” said Alec O’Meara, Unitil’s media relations manager. “Upgrading the high school’s heating system with high‐efficiency boilers has exponential benefits including reliability and longevity. We are thrilled to help the Dover community as they work towards a more efficient tomorrow.”

The project had an estimated cost of approximately $99,000, but incentives available through Unitil allowed the school district to save approximately $30,000 on the installation of these new boilers. “The modernized Dover High School is a wonderful place for adolescents to grow in a comfortable and uplifting environment,” said David Beaulieu, Business Development Executive, Unitil. “It was a pleasure working with the city to complete the boiler installation project. I am confident that the reliable system will heat the school for years to come.”

Aerial image of Dover Campus