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South Hampton Public Library

The South Hampton Public Library took advantage of an incentive to lower the cost of its transition to LED fixtures as part of an energy-efficiency upgrade that will significantly improve lighting and reduce electricity usage.

Stat Grid Items
Light fixtures replaced with LED
Reduction in kWh used annually

Prior to this installation, we had two banks of fluorescent lights and 50% of them were burned out so we were trying to operate in darkness. This has made a huge difference, and it’s also made a huge difference to our patrons because now it’s easier to browse the collections. We can see things better. It’s more inviting and it’s going to save us money, so it’s a win-win.

Lori Laverty
South Hampton Public Library Director

Main project details

The South Hampton Public Library completed a lighting retrofit that included upgrading 14 fixtures to more energy-efficient LED lights – an improvement that is expected to reduce the 30- year-old library’s energy consumption by approximately 2,925 kilowatt hours. 

The project cost $4,650, but with assistance from an energy-efficiency incentive provided by Unitil through NHSaves, the total cost was lowered by $1,170. 

Morrill Electric of Amesbury, Mass., was hired to perform the light replacement work, which made an immediate difference for library patrons who found searching for books and engaging in other activities much easier.