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Applewild School of Fitchburg, Mass. Efficiently Enlightens

Unitil partnered with Applewild School to upgrade their lighting for greater efficiency. 

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On-Campus Buildings
light fixtures converted to LEDs
kWh annual savings
Energy efficiency rebate
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We did our homework, allowing us to leverage great incentives that reduce energy and maintenance costs while improving student and staff experiences in the school.

Amy Jolly
Head of Applewild School

Main project details

The project included updating approximately 1,100 lighting fixtures in 10 buildings with new LED fixtures and controls.

Founded in 1957, the private pre-K through ninth grade school on Prospect Street, anticipates saving 181,000 kWh in electricity annually, which is equivalent to about what 25 homes use yearly.

Because the school qualified for a $112,714 energy efficiency incentive, its payback period is shortened considerably. “These energy efficiency rebates are designed to help offset the overall project cost so the users start realizing savings much sooner and more importantly use less energy,” Alec O’Meara, media relations manager for Unitil, said.