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Surprising Careers at Unitil

A variety of office and field work professionals are at home at Unitil, where diverse job opportunities are the rule rather than the exception.

There’s a familiar idiom that it takes a village to raise a child. Interpreted a bit more broadly, the same can be said for the delivery of energy. Despite the fact that we all interact directly or indirectly with our local gas or electric utility on a daily basis, we may not realize how many different people play an integral role in making this happen seamlessly – literally, at the flip of a switch.

We’re all too familiar with the gas bills that appear in our mailbox each month, or the flashing amber lights reflecting off the snow during power restoration efforts, but there are dozens – if not hundreds – of supporting cast member roles you may not be aware of. Here, we highlight some of those roles to shine a light on the diversity of career opportunities at Unitil.

These careers, which range from field operations and engineering, accounting, human resources, and marketing to arboriculture, supply chain procurement, energy efficiency and compliance. Here’s just a sampling of career opportunities at Unitil.

Unitil tax accountants coordinate complex annual tax return preparations and ensure all tax accounts are properly reconciled. This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree and a public accounting certification (CPA).

Established to prepare an employee to progress within gas operations to a utility worker position, a utilityworker apprentice position requires a general aptitude and skill for mechanical work, field experience, and a state gas license.

The director of sustainability and shared services guides Unitil’s corporate sustainability programs. This person oversees the development and reporting of key sustainability metrics and draws on a diverse skill set including environmental studies, compliance, project management, and more.

Did You Know? In 2022, Unitil employees reported an overall job satisfaction rate of 83%.

In order to deliver effective training programs to new hires and develop future leaders for growth within the company, the learning and development specialist is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing training programs company-wide. This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in human resources but can also leverage training in education, social science, psychology, and communications.

Stock clerks are essential to the day-to-day operations of the company. They’re responsible for maintaining proper inventory levels, preparing requests for quotes and requisitions, and shipping, receiving, storing, and issuing supplies.

The company relies heavily on in-house software developers to establish and maintain high-value enterprise systems crucial to energy delivery while managing multiple integrations with third-party applications.

Social media coordinators oversee and execute Unitil’s social media strategy and are tasked with developing proactive content tailored to the appropriate channel and audience. This position provides critical performance analytics data to the marketing department and the executive team.

Unitil’s corrosion supervisor is responsible for coordinating field activities to mitigate the corrosion of natural gas pipelines. They ensure that corrosion control systems are fully compliant with regulations and evaluate and recommend techniques for effective corrosion control.

Key Takeaways

  • Due to the diversity of positions, there are many career opportunities at Unitil for professionals with a wide variety of education and experience.
  • Business NH Magazine named Unitil one of the best companies to work for in 2022.
  • Unitil is committed to attracting and engaging talent that will bring a diverse perspective, innovative energy, and commitment to the company and its stakeholders.