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October Is Energy Awareness Month

Celebrate Energy Awareness Month with tips for homeowners, renters, and business owners that save energy and protect the environment.
man with calculator and energy audit heat map

Many of us make personal resolutions on New Year’s Day each year: to exercise more, eat healthier, or call family more often. October is Energy Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf or two in your home or business. From establishing daily habits to committing to weekend projects, even the smallest effort will not only help the environment but can also save you money by helping you decrease your energy needs.

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Consumers, business owners, and municipalities can take advantage of efficiency upgrades by visiting or These websites offer rebates, incentives, and recommendations to make our communities more sustainable.

Additional ways to get started:

Federal agencies such as the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provide leadership in energy management, building optimization, energy resilience, and advanced and distributed energy technologies. They've also created inclusive checklists of ways residents, businesses, and facilities managers can improve their energy efficiency.

Homeowners, Renters, and Landlords

Ready to save some energy in your home? Here are some highlights:

  • Install a programmable thermostat that can be adjusted according to your schedule.
  • Check light fixtures for opportunities to replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.
  • Keep your water heater set to the optimal factory temperature of 120 degrees to save money and prevent burns.
  • Set a reminder on your favorite calendar app to replace your furnace filter every one to three months.
  • Keep your furnace, boiler, or heat pump in tip-top shape to prevent breakdowns and improve efficiency. Time for a replacement? Look for the ENERGY STAR® label.

FEMP's checklist for homeowners, renters, and landlords.

Business Owners

Conserving energy at the office relies on cooperation from employees, so celebrate Energy Awareness Month by sharing some of these tips:

  • Use dimmers, motion sensors, or occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use.
  • Use task lighting. Instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the light where you need it.
  • Replace desktop computers with laptop computers and docking stations.
  • Unplug equipment that drains energy when not in use (i.e. cell phone chargers, fans, coffeemakers, desktop printers, radios, etc.).
  • Purchase office equipment (printers, copiers, fax machines) with power management features (and use them).

FEMP's checklist for business owners.

Facilities Managers

Facilities have special considerations when it comes to energy efficiency. Some of the ways to save include:

  • Install energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Minimize use of outside air for process ventilation.
  • Match heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) schedules to occupancy schedules.
  • Educate employees on building systems and energy efficiency measures.
  • Lower setback temperatures.

FEMP's checklist for facilities managers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy Awareness Month comes but once a year, but energy efficiency can be practiced year-round.
  • Consumers and business owners can celebrate Energy Efficiency Day by enlisting the help of their families and employees.
  • When it comes to energy efficiency, no effort is too small. New habits can lead to lifelong energy savings.