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Network of Women Group Works to Promote Women at Unitil and Beyond

We welcomed our Network of Women (NOW) employee resource group (ERG) in 2022.

NOW’s vision is to transform and evolve the way women are represented and supported within Unitil.
They believe that women investing in women contributes to an environment that celebrates women’s
unique contributions, champions their professional and personal growth, and fosters experiences in
which all women can thrive.

The group is rooted in Unitil’s RISE values (i.e.; Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence) and
works to promote women within our organization and the communities we serve.

Objectives of Unitil NOW:

  • Provide a forum for thoughtful discussion and bring relevant content to fellow members to
    further enable Unitil women to grow in their careers.
  • Provide programs, events, activities, and other opportunities for professional and personal
    development for all Unitil women employees.
  • Provide an opportunity for women to meet and connect personally and professionally.
  • Promote an environment that supports the recruitment, retention, and professional growth and
    development of women employees.
  • Teach women how to develop and foster mentorship relationships to help each other tap into
    the existing knowledge, skills and experiences.
  • Partner with community organizations that have aligned missions in order to inspire more
    women in the utilities industry as well as community outreach to support women within our
    service areas.
  • Develop material that provides awareness of women within utilities.

The group currently has 64 members. In 2023, they hosted multiple charitable drives to benefit the
communities we serve as well as a very successful panel discussion where Women in Unitil Leadership
shared the journey that led them to their leadership roles within the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • In 2023, women made up 29.5% of Unitil’s workforce
  • According to the US Department of Energy, women accounted for 25% of the utility workforce in