To report your gas emergency, please call our toll-free gas leak number 866-542-3547866-900-4115866-900-4460.


Gas service interruptions can occur without warning. It’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected by checking and inventorying the following in the event of a service interruption:

  • Blankets
  • Warm coats, hats and mittens for all family members
  • List of important phone numbers
  • First aid kit


Watch our video on natural gas service restoration


Gas Outage Safety

A gas leak can be detected by the smell, sight or sound.

  • SMELL – Natural gas is colorless and odorless, but before it reaches you, we add distinctive, pungent odor so you’ll recognize it quickly.
  • SIGHT – You may see a white cloud, mist, fog, bubbles in standing water, or vegetation that appears to be dead or dying for no apparent reason.
  • SOUND– You may hear an unusual noise like roaring, hissing or whistling.

If you smell, see, or hear a suspected leak:

Move to a safe environment and call Unitil’s toll-free gas leak number 866-542-3547866-900-4115866-900-4460.

DO NOT use a lighter, telephones, switch on/off appliances, lights, or even a flashlight in the area where you smell gas. These items can produce sparks that might ignite the gas and cause an explosion.


If You Are Evacuated From Your Home...

Go to the home of a friend or relative outside the evacuation zone as indicated by the local fire department and wait there until you receive notice that it is okay to return to your home. Evacuation typically lasts only a few hours. You can monitor our Web site here or call our toll-free numbers for updates on the situation. When you are notified that it is safe to return home, you may still be without gas service.


Sheltering in Place

Sheltering in place means you can stay in the comfort of your home, but you will be without your gas service until your pilot is relit by a Unitil gas service technician, so gas-powered appliances such as stoves, furnaces, and hot water heaters will not work. It is safe to use lights, electrical appliances, and your phone.

Once repairs are made, a gas technician will come to your door and personally relight your pilot light. This personal check may occur within a few hours of the outage, or it may take longer, as each affected customer must be restored in this way before gas service can safely resume.

For general questions regarding natural gas service, call us toll-free to speak with a customer service representative at 888-301-7700 866-933-3820 866-933-3821.



Hypothermia  is a serious medical condition with symptoms that include confusion, dizziness, exhaustion and severe shivering.  It is caused by exposure to the cold, most often, because of inclement weather.  If you begin to experience these symptoms seek medical attention:

  • Get in out of the cold
  • Remove cold, wet clothing
  • Use warm blankets to begin restoring the body’s temperature to normal
  • Replenish fluids

Several factors contribute to how well your body maintains its normal temperature – air temperature, wind, clothing, intensity of activity and the body’s ability to adapt to compensate for the cold environment.

Here are some tips to prevent hypothermia:

  • Dress appropriately for the environment and your activity level including dressing in layers, wearing a hat that covers your ears, choosing mittens over gloves, wearing waterproof, insulted boots to keep your feet warm and dry and removing wet clothes immediately
  • Warm the core body temperature using a blanket and/or by drinking warm fluids like hot cider or soup
  • Avoid being outdoors during the coldest part of the day
  • Reduce the intensity of outside activities and take frequent breaks
  • During breaks, drink warm fluids to help your body stay hydrated and maintain a normal temperature. Avoid beverages containing caffeine or alcohol as they hinder the body’s temperature-regulating mechanism. Dehydration is dangerous and, unfortunately, is less noticeable in cooler temperatures.
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Do you rely on medical life support at home? Be prepared for an outage.

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