We provide additional materials to maintain communication with municipal officials during emergencies or periods with extended outages. Click here to access login.

We have developed comprehensive emergency response plans to address potential incidents resulting from storms or other natural disasters, electric or gas system incidents, and civil emergencies not related to company operations.  The framework used in developing these plans is the nationally-recognized Incident Command System (ICS).  ICS is a flexible framework that allows response organizations to grow or retract as the severity of the incident changes.

To help you prepare for an extended outage or upcoming weather event, we provide town or region-specific information to our municipal contacts to assist in your emergency response planning and preparation. Under our ICS, multiple agencies can work in conjunction with one another following a single, comprehensive plan that is nationally recognized, scalable and flexible.

At Unitil we've aligned our emergency response with a scalable and flexible common framework that lets multiple agencies work in conjuntion with a single, comprehensive plan.

We provide materials like zone maps, critical infrastructure listings, municipal forms and other safety and procedural information to maintain communication and strategic partnerships with municipal officials during emergencies or periods with extended outages.

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Our electric outage map provides real-time information on power interruptions.

Do you rely on medical life support at home? Be prepared for an outage.

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