If you or a family member uses electrically-operated life support systems, we encourage you to notify Unitil in advance of any outages by completing our Physician’s Certification Form (below).



You may submit this form via fax at 603-227-4784, by email or by mail:

c/o Customer Services – Life Support
5 McGuire Street
Concord, NH 03301

Once we receive this form, your account will be noted and we will include a notification to you in the event that we anticipate adverse weather or a scheduled outage which may result in a power outage.

We suggest the following preparations for customers with life sustaining equipment:

  • Have an alternative source of electricity available, such as battery backup or a generator
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy for your doctor, police, fire and ambulance services
  • Make arrangements in the event that you must leave your home because of an extended outage

Please call us at 800-582-7276 (Seacoast-area NH) or 800-852-3339 (Capital-area NH)888-301-7700 for more details on registering for this service.

Be Prepared

As part of our storm or scheduled outage planning, Unitil makes special efforts to communicate with customers using life-support equipment.  This will include a notification to you that we anticipate adverse weather or a scheduled outage which may result in a power outage. 

You should have a backup plan prepared to respond to an extended power or service outage.

Make sure you have contacted Unitil and relayed the type of life-support equipment in your dwelling as well as submitted a completed Physician's Certification Form.  Also, whenever there's a change in life-support information, contact Unitil as it happens so that we revise our records appropriately.

During a power outage, customers depending on life support equipment should follow these tips:

  • Contact Unitil to notify us that you have no power
  • Inform Unitil of any special problems or concerns
  • Use your backup plan, if needed

Do you rely on medical life support at home? Be prepared for an outage.

Stay Informed

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