Get the latest outage and restoration news here. Get the latest outage and restoration news here.

Sometimes Mother Nature, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances can cause disruptions in power.

Such outages can occur without warning and it's always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.

The Outage Map

View our real time map for current electric outages in our service territories.

Stay Informed

For smaller-scale outages and interruptions, we provide real time restoration information on Twitter, our website and through our automated phone system.


We provide advisories and outage-related releases to our customers before, during and after a storm, throughout the restoration process.

Report Your Outage Online

If you are a Unitil electric customer currently experiencing an outage, submit this form online to report your issue.

Be Prepared for Electric Outages

Be Prepared for Natural Gas Interruptions

Electric outages and natural gas interruptions can occur, sometimes without warning. Follow these tips to be prepared.

How We Restore Power

We take a planned approach to restoring your power safely and quickly. Learn more depending on which energy service we provide for you.

Gas interruptions can occur without warning. Follow these tips to be prep


We provide town or region-specific information to our municipal contacts to assist in your emergency response planning and preparation.

Life Support Information

If you or a family member uses electrically-operated life support systems, we encourage you to notify Unitil and plan ahead for extended outages.


Our electric outage map provides real-time information on power interruptions.

Stay Informed

Other ways to stay informed:

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