Unitil partners with the towns and communities it serves to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable delivery of energy to homes and businesses.  We strive to continuously employ the best available industry practices and to share these practices to educate and empower the communities we serve. 

We have prepared the information accessed via the Municipal login based on the best available information. The information provided is not warranted for accuracy and may be incomplete. Field verification is advised for all information shown on maps. Information related to specific storm or emergency responses is based upon preliminary data and subject to change due to the dynamic nature of such incidents.

This information is made available to designated municipal and state officials who have responsibilities within Unitil’s electric and/or gas service territories. This information (including documents provided via hypertext links) is restricted from redistribution outside the respective agencies of the designated municipal and state officials.

Access to these web pages is restricted to designated municipal and state officials. Login information shall not be shared with non-designated officials. Any questions on sharing information obtained via the Municipal login section should be directed to the appropriate group detailed below, depending upon the related incident’s timing. Also, please contact Emergency Management & Compliance to request access (or removal) of additional municipal personnel.

Failure to enforce access limitations and sharing restrictions may result in removal from the Municipal login section.


Municipal Documents

We provide additional documents to municipal officials in our service territories. This aids in your planning and response to storm events and emergencies. To view these, please login using the account credentials we have provided you in the sidebar to the right. If you would like to request access, please contact us here.


Municipal Account Data

We provide enhanced data and usage detail to our electric municipal customers that manage their accounts online. For questions regarding this service, view our FAQs.


Emergency Response Information

We have developed comprehensive emergency response plans to address potential incidents resulting from storms or other natural disasters, electric or gas system incidents, and civil emergencies using the national Incident Command System.


Service Restoration Videos

Although electric and natural gas systems are designed and maintained to weather small storms, larger events may cause outages. Watch two short videos to learn how we assess the damage and restore power to your community in a serious emergency.

Outage Center updates

Municipal Login

Our electric outage map provides real-time information on power interruptions.

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