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Do you have a question about energy?Unitil invites you to become e-SMART about energy.  Becoming e-SMART means learning about electricity and natural gas and how to use them safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Have you ever wondered why shoes hanging on a power line don’t get fried? Or why natural gas flames are blue? Or whether garbage could someday be a source of energy? Now you can get answers to these and all your energy-related questions.

You can also play interactive games, view interesting videos and participate in fun activities to help expand your knowledge about electric and gas energy.

Check out our ongoing energy education and let the learning begin!

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e-Smart Workers

Are you a contractor who works around electric and natural gas lines? Unitil invites you to become an e-SMART worker. Check out our training tips, videos, and case studies, designed to help you and your team work safely around electric and natural gas lines.    

If you are responsible for worker safety trainings, check out our free materials, interactive training tools and videos. Unitil is pleased to provide this information and material so your crews and coworkers can become e-SMART workers.

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