Get the latest community news and updates here. Get the latest community news and updates here.

Unitil provides the local distribution of electricity and/or natural gas to 170,000 customers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. 

In each community, our dedicated people create, nurture, and sustain working relationships with residents, local officials, public safety employees, and diverse local organizations for education, social services, philanthropy, and environmental protection.

As your local energy partner, we bring skill, technology, and innovation to keep your energy system safe, reliable, and affordable.

As your community partner, we invest in the quality of life issues that are important to you and your neighbors. We work to make life better.

Community News

Read up on the latest Unitil community news and stories featured in the local media.

Donations & Sponsorships

Our goal is to help our communities be good places to live and work, with a vibrant social network — a place where people and businesses choose to locate, to grow and to prosper.

energy for life

Unitil provides more than just electricity and gas services and products. Our people pride themselves on delivering the necessities of life across northern New England.

energy for learning

Have you ever wondered why shoes hanging on a power line don’t get fried? Or why natural gas flames are blue? Get answers to all your energy-related questions, play interactive games and watch videos with our interactive e-SMART site!

Environmental Projects

Unitil is committed every day to helping our customers conserve natural resources and increase the efficiency of their energy use. We also seek to partner with community organizations in advancing new and sustainable energy and environmental projects.

Economic Development

Here at Unitil, we have a deep understanding of community government and development procedures, requirements, and protocol. We can assist you through every aspect of the site selection process.


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