An annual inspection of your residential heating system prepares it to run safely and efficiently all year long. Spring and summer are usually the best times of year to have your furnace or boiler inspected in order to prepare for the heating season.

One of our qualified technicians will check the major system components to ensure a quick and safe start-up when the time comes to turn it on. If, following your annual inspection, there’s a problem when you start your heating system in the fall, any additional labor is free provided that your boiler/furnace is deemed in good condition upon completion of the inspection.

Here is the checklist of services as part of your annual inspection (chimney and furnace/boiler cleaning are not included):

  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Check thermostat, heat anticipator and pilot
  • Check main burner and vent condition
  • Check chimney draw
  • Check pressuretrol and system pressure
  • Check ignition system
  • Flush low water cut-off
  • Inspect and lubricate blower motor, the assembly and circulator
  • Inspect belt, condensate pump, expansion tank, filter condition and relief valve
  • Test fan and limit control


Heating Inspection Rates
Sept. 1 - March 31$180.00
April 1 - August 31$120.00
EasyCare rate April 1 - August 31 - save $20!$100.00

Central Cooling System Inspection & Start-Up

We also offer a thorough central cooling system inspection and start-up program. An annual inspection of your central A/C equipment prior to the warmer seasons is always a good idea. If you schedule both your heating and cooling system annual inspections at the same time or if you have the EasyCare Central Cooling Service Plan, we’ll give you a discount!*

Here is the checklist of services as part of your inspection:

  • Check air flow and pressure
  • Check condensate pump and drain
  • Check control box, electric controls and electrical connections
  • Check fan motor and blades
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check cabinet and condenser coil
  • Check thermostat
  • Check for leaks and tighten connections
  • Replace customer-provided air filters



Cooling System Inspection Rates
May 15 - August 31$180.00
EasyCare rate May 15 - August 31 with scheduled heating inspection$120.00

*Labor and parts for repairs and adding refrigerant may be performed at an additional charge.


Cleaning services are not included in annual inspections. If you would like to schedule a system cleaning, our service rates would apply. For appointments during normal business hours, we charge $110.00 for the first 30 minutes and $30 for each additional 15 minutes. Different rates apply to weeknights, weekends and emergency service visits. Please call us at 866-933-3820 for details.


Fuel Assistance Discounts

Customers receiving fuel assistance may be eligible for free or discounted products and services through their local Community Action Program (CAP) agency. For questions or to see if you qualify, please contact your local CAP agency.

Rockingham CAP: 603-895-3858
Strafford CAP: 603-516-8130

For more information on our EasyCare Service Plans, call us at 866-933-3820

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