Clean & Check Service

You can avoid expensive heating system repairs with our Clean & Check service. Equipment manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of these systems to insure their safe and efficient operation. We offer a full inspection and cleaning of your heating system for $170.00 and an additional $85.00 for a 2nd heating unit at the same location. Please call 888-301-7700 to schedule our next visit.


Our trained gas equipment technicians will visit your home and perform a complete Clean & Check service, including:

  • Clean the gas pilot, vacuum burner tray or burner and surface area of the unit
  • Check the vent system, heat anticipator, and emergency shut off switches
  • Replace the thermocouple


Steam systems will also receive the following:

  • Flush low water cut-off
  • Check the gauge glass
  • Pressuretrol setting (check only)


Forced hot water systems/boilers will also receive the following inspections:

  • Oil circulator
  • Pressure
  • Aquastat setting


Forced warm air systems/furnaces will also receive the following:

  • Fan and limit control settings
  • Oil motors
  • Replace filter
  • Visual check of heat exchanger, belts, blower wheel, and bearings

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