Unitil - MA Notice of Filing and Request for Comments (D.P.U. 14-137) - Petition for approval of annual decoupling adjustment factor for effect January 1, 2015. Request for comments due December 8, 2014.

Unitil - MA Notice of Filing and Public Hearing (D.P.U. 14-142) - Petition for approval of 2015 Annual Net Metering Recovery Surcharge ("NMRS") rate adjustment. Comments due by December 12, 2014. 

Unitil - MA Notice of Filing (D.P.U. 14-130) - A public hearing will be held Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. to receive comments on petition to request approval for 2015 Gas Enhancement Plan.

Unitil - MA Initial Filing of Electric Contract (D.P.U. 14-EC-02) Petition for approval of an amendment of a special contract for standby delivery service and supplemental delivery service with The Newark Group, d/b/a Newark America.

Unitil - MA Notice of Filing and Public Hearing (D.P.U. 14-EC-02)

Unitil - MA Order of Notice (D.P.U. 14-EC-02)

Unitil - MA Electric Operations Proposed Net Metering Recovery Surcharge - for effect January 1, 2014

Unitil - MA Electric Operations Notice of Filing, Public Hearing and Procedural Conference, and Request for Comments (D.P.U. 13-146) - Petition for approval of six long-term contracts for procurement of renewable energy and renewable energy credits from six individual wind projects  and a long-term renewable contract adjustment mechanism tariff, M.D.P.U. No. 239.

Unitil - MA Gas Operations Semi-Annual Decoupling Adjustment Clause Reconciliation and Rate Filing 



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