As a Unitil electric customer and property owner, you may have questions specific to your service, location and meter. Read on for tips and some frequently asked topics as well.

If you can't find what you're looking for, one of our Customer Service representatives is happy to take your call toll-free at 888-301-7700 800-582-7276 (Seacoast area) or 800-852-3339 (Capital region).



Changing Your Service

You may need to change your existing service with us or notify us that you are moving and would like to transfer service. Use the links below to fill out the form that meet your needs.

Change of Address

Request to Stop Service

Request to Start/Change Service

If you are a new Unitil customer, you may request service to your home or business by filling out this form.  We also encourage you to set up a MyUnitil online account so that you can manage your account details, and view usage and payment history online. Create your MyUnitil account here.


Your Service Drop

A residential service drop - a homeowner's responsibilityIf the wiring on the outside of your house not serviced by Unitil has been damaged, it may need to be repaired by a third party contractor. During an outage, Unitil is responsible for repairing the overhead electrical lines that run from the utility pole to your residence and for the electric meter. Homeowners are responsible for repairs to other parts of your electrical system, including:

  • The weather head and insulator at the point where electric lines connect to your residence.
  • The service entrance cable running from the weather head to the electric meter and from the electric meter to the service panel in your home.
  • The meter box in which your electric meter is mounted.
  • The main service panel which includes the fuse boxes and/or circuit breakers for the electric service in your home.


In hiring a contractor for post-storm services, we recommend homeowners get at least three separate quotes,check references from previous customers and ask how long each contractor has been in business. Once the repairs have been made to your home, please call our customer service center so we can issue an order to reconnect your service to our power lines.


Reading Your Meter

Your electric meter tells Unitil how much energy (in kWh) your property has used in the previous billing cycle and can help keep you informed of your monthly energy use too. By comparing your monthly use over time, you're able to make more educated decisions about your usage which may help decrease your demand and lower your monthly bill.  Some of our customers have AMR service, or automated meter reading technology, that allows us to take accurate meter readings wirelessly, without visiting your location. You may still wish to read your own meter from time to time, but our AMR service provides accurate, real-time energy data for billing purposes.

Click here for more on reading your meter.


Renewable Energy Generation

Here at Unitil, we encourage our electric customers to join the hundreds of renewable self-generators who are generating their own renewable energy in parallel with existing electric system and install renewable energy systems on their property. While such a project can be an undertaking, you’ll be helping to offset your electric usage from your utility, which can lower your monthly utility bill. You’ll also be joining a community of green-minded customers that support the development of renewable energy alternatives locally and nationally.

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