Listed below are a variety of informational resources, as well as contacts for local and state programs that offer financial assistance to residents. Please contact us directly if you need additional information or have questions.


*Notice: The deadline to apply for the fuel assistance program has been extended to May 15th.


Energy Efficiency Programs for Electric Customers


Local and state organizations in Unitil’s service areas also offer highly supportive programs for qualified customers to increase energy efficiency and manage energy costs. We work closely with these organizations to ensure that our customers’ needs are met throughout the year.


Federal Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP)
The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that provides financial assistance to help eligible households pay their winter heating bills. Assistance is based on annual household income and the number of members in your household. Payments are made directly to the primary heating vendor. If you rent and heat is included in your rent payment, a portion of your rent may be covered and the payment will be mailed to you.
The High Energy Benefit is added to the Basic Benefit when a household exceeds the energy cost thresholds for their heat source for the same period.
Oil: $2,200
Natural Gas: $1,250
Electric: $1,550
Other: $1,125
New applications are taken by appointment only.  For more information please contact New England Farm Workers’ Council at 978-342-4520Click here for eligibility guidelines.
The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that provides financial assistance to help eligible households pay their winter heating bills. Assistance is based on annual household income and the number of members in your household. Payments are made directly to the primary heating vendor.  Renters and homeowners are eligible for the Fuel Assistance Program. 
Click here for income guidelines.
Applications for assistance are taken by the regional Community Action Programs (below).  For more information, please contact the agency in your area.
Concord Office
2 Industrial Park Dr. Bldg 2
Concord, NH 03301
Tel. 603-225-6880
Portsmouth Office
4 Cutts Avenue
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Tel. 800-639-3896
Salem Office
287 Lawrence Rd.
Salem, NH 03079
Tel. 603-898-8435
Dover Office
PO Box 160
Dover, NH 03820
Tel. 603-749-1334


Financial Assistance Programs

Residential Customers Who Receive Unitil’s Discount Rate
Effective August 1, 2011, eligible customers will receive a discount calculated as a flat percentage off the rates that would otherwise be charged, including both the delivery service and the supplier service portions of your utility bill and the actual discount will be displayed as separate line items on your bill. The discount rates will be recalculated whenever there is a change to delivery or to supply rates in order to maintain the required percentage discount. When prices increase or decrease the rate discount will also increase or decrease so that the percentage discount remains the same.
  • Residential Electric Service, Rate RD-2 = a 25% discount vs. Rate RD-1
Discount Rate Program

Depending on th size of your family and your combined gross annual income, you may be eligible to receive a discounted rate for your gas and electric service from Unitil. You may qualify for the Discount Rate Program if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your household income does not exceed 60% of state median income level
  • You are a residential customer (primary dwelling only)
  • You are the head of your household or principal wage earner
  • The electric or gas bill is in your name AND you are currently receiving benefits under one of the following programs:
    • Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC)
    • Emergency Aid to Elderly, Disabled and Children (EAEDC)
    • SNAP
    • Mass Health (DMA)
    • Mass Health (Mass. Comm. for the Blind)
    • Mass Health (DTA)
    • School Breakfast / Lunch
    • Home Energy Assistance (Fuel Assistance)
    • Veterans Chapter 115
    • Veterans Non-Service Pension / DIC
    • Headstart
    • Supplemental Social Security (SSI)
    • Public / Subsidized Housing

Transitional Assistance Opt-Out

Massachusetts utilities are required to cross reference their database of residential customers with a list of Transitional Assistance recipients to ensure that all eligible customers receive a discounted energy rate if they qualify. If you receive benefits from the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) and are the customer or record, you will be automatically enrolled in this program. If you do not wish to be included in the automatic matching process, click here to opt out.


Mass Save Income-Eligible Energy Efficiency Program
This Mass Save programs helps eligible Massachusetts customers with fuel assistance, energy discounts and efficiency services.  To find out if you qualify, visit their website or contact your local Community Action Program directly. The CAP will help you determine whether you meet the requirements of the program. 
Unitil customers should contact:
New England Farm Workers Council (NEFWC)
435 Main Street, Suite 3040
Fitchburg, MA 01420

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund











The Good Neighbor Energy Fund  began in 1985 with a partnership between Massachusetts gas and electric utilities and the Salvation Army. The fund helps those in financial crisis who do not qualify for other types of fuel assistance.

In order to be eligible for assistance, your income must fall between 60 - 80% of the state median income. To apply for GNEF Assistance, call the local office of the Salvation Army at 978-342-9407. For more information, click here.

You can help give the gift of warmth by contributing. Please mail your check, payable to GNEF, to your nearest Salvation Army.
Good Neighbor Energy Fund
c/o Salvation Army
25 Shawmut Rd.
Canton, MA 02021-1408


Arrearage Management Program

This program is designed to provide income-eligible, residential customers additional assistance with managing their past due gas and/or electric bills by eliminating past due balances.

Unitil will agree to eliminate your entire past due balance of $300 or greater when you agree to pay your current bill on time each month. Your monthly payment will be an equal amount each month and will be calculated based upon your past usage and bills, less any Fuel Assistance payments that have been approved. A letter will be mailed to you each month that shows the amount and due date of your next payment.

Every month when we receive your payment by the due date, we will credit a portion of your past due balance and will continue to do so until your bill is paid.

Enrollment is simple. If you are a participant in the Discount Rate Program and have a past due balance greater than $300.00, contact our Program Administrator at 888-301-7700 available Monday - Friday 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.  We will determine if you qualify and, if qualified, will calculate your new monthly payment.


Unitil le esta informando la siguiente información importante a neustros clients. Por favor llame el numero telefónico 888-301-7700 para traducer en español con un representante de clientes que habla español.

Home Energy Assistance

Unitil has partnered with New Hampshire's Weatherization Assistance Network to offer our customers the Home Energy Assistance program. This statewide program provides up to $4,000 in energy efficiency improvements to lower-income households that may be especially vulnerable to energy costs, yet do not have the means of making cost-effective energy efficiency improvements to their homes. All products and services within Unitil's Home Energy Assistance program are provided to qualified participants free of charge. The goal of the program is to educate customers on the benefits of home energy efficiency and to help reduce participants' overall household energy usage.
Program Participants may receive:
  • Complete home energy audit and recommendation report
  • Air-sealing and weather-stripping to shut out cold drafts
  • Hot water efficiency items (low flow showerheads and aerators)
  • Attic, wall and basement insulation improvements
  • Installed Energy Star® programmable thermostats
  • Newer, replacement Energy Star refrigerators
  • Choice of Energy Star light fixtures and CFL light bulbs installed at no cost
  • Customer educational materials, including health and safety information

Schedule a Home Energy Audit
A program advocate will contact you to set up an appointment to perform a home energy audit at your convenience. Our home energy audit will last 1 to 2 hours depending on the size and condition of your home. A professional energy auditor will work directly with you to explain the audit process, audit findings and to demonstrate recommendations from the audit process.

After the results of your Home Energy Audit have been calculated, you will receive a customer education and recommendation report identifying ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. All work listed on the customer recommendation report is provided to Unitil income qualified customers at no cost. It is entirely your choice to determine which measures they choose to have installed in their homes. However, each energy efficiency improvement on your report is designed to save enough energy to pay for itself within 7 years.

To arrange for installation, Unitil’s contractor will work with you to schedule the energy savings improvements that you’ve selected from the Home Energy Assistance Recommendation Report. All removed materials will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.  Once the job is finished, Unitil’s contractor will provide a quality inspection to ensure your complete satisfaction the work performed by our Home Energy Assistance program.

To find out if you qualify for the Home Energy Assistance Program, check the income chart below and contact your local Community Action Agency directly.
Concord Area - Belknap/Merrimack CAA: 603-225-3295
Seacoast - Rockingham CAA: 603-895-3858
Neighbor Helping Neighbor
Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable corporation created in 1986 to help utility customers who experience some sort of emergency or financial hardship but are unable to qualify for other government-funded energy assistance programs. Grants are awarded up to $300 once every two years.
Applications for assistance are taken by the regional Community Action Programs (listed above).  For more information, please contact the agency in your area.
Contributions are appreciated.  Donations may be mailed to the address below or or via their website.   The utilities pay all administrative costs of the program, so every dollar contributed provides financial assistance to qualified applicants.
Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund
P.O. Box 3804
Manchester, NH 03105-3804
Statewide Electric Assistance Program (EAP)

The Statewide Electric Assistance Program provides income-eligible residential customers with a discount on their monthly electric bill. The New Hampshire Legislature authorized funding for this statewide program as part of electric utility deregulation. All Unitil electric customers support the Statewide EAP through the System Benefits portion of their bill.
Residential customers who rent or own and receive an electric bill from Unitil may apply for the Statewide EAP. Total household income and the number of household members determine eligibility for the program. Discounts range from 9 - 77% depending on the customer's gross income and household size. The discount is applied to the first 750 kWh of service. Please note: the EAP discount does not apply to the Supplier Services portion of an electric bill when a customer chooses an independent supplier for their electricity needs.
Eligibility is based upon a household's gross income at the time of application. However, there are adjustments made to some types of income; therefore it is best to check with your local Community Action Agency (CAA).

For households with more than 8 people, call your local Community Action Agency for income information.  To find out if you qualify and to apply for the Statewide EAP, please contact your local Community Action Agency at the number listed below:
Community Action Agency for Belknap / Merrimack Counties - Concord, NH: 603-225-6880
Community Action Agency for Rockingham County - Portsmouth, NH: 603-436-3896 or 800-639-3896
Customers in Atkinson, Danville, Newton and Plaistow should contact the Salem, NH office: 603-898-9172
Family Size Gross Annual Income
2014 Income Eligibility Guidelines
1 $23,340
2 $31,460
3 $39,580
4 $47,700
5 $55,820
6 $63,940
7 $72,060
8 $80,180


The EAP is a twelve-month bill assistance program. Benefits are subject to the availability of funds.


Community Action Program (CAP)

Customers may qualify for weatherization programs along with fuel assistance.
Belknap-Merrimack County CAP: 603-225-6880
Rockingham County CAP: 603-436-3896 or 800-639-3896
Customers in Atkinson, Danville, Newton & Plaistow should contact the Salem, NH office: 603-898-8435

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