More than 70 million American consumers rely on natural gas to heat their water, cook their food, dry their clothing, heat their homes, and fuel both commerce and industry. Natural gas is a safe, economical, efficient, clean-burning, non-polluting, and dependable source of energy when used correctly in equipment that is properly installed and maintained.

Unitil operates 86 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline and nearly 1250 miles of distribution pipeline in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  The system lies safely out of view, quietly carrying clean-burning natural gas throughout New England.  Our goal is to operate an energy delivery system that runs safely and reliably, so people can count on the natural gas being there when they need it.  Here is a link outlining Unitil's plan and activities to ensure the safety of our pipeline system. It is a summary of our Integrity Management Plan.

Like all sources of energy, natural gas should be used wisely and treated with respect.  Take a few moments to review these pages which contain information about the safe use of natural gas, to help ensure that you and your family enjoy all the benefits natural gas has to offer.

For more information on gas safety, please contact us at 866-933-3820888-301-7700866-933-3821.


Call Dig Safe ® - 811

Whether you are a homeowner, farmer, excavator or contractor, don’t forget to include Dig Safe ® in the planning of your digging project.


Gas Leaks

If you detect a leak, leave the area immediately and call Unitil and call 911.  Here are the details….


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a silent, odorless gas that gives no warning of its presence.  Beware of the signs:  nausea, cherry red lips, headaches; get fresh air and seek medical attention.


Clear Ice & Snow from Meters

Ice and snow build up outside on your meters and vents can cause damage and possible CO poisoning.  Clear it from your equipment so your building stays safe in winter.


Delivering Gas to You

Here’s information on how natural gas is delivered from the source to your home or business.


Your Equipment  Responsibilities

Did you know that you are responsible for certain portions of your gas equipment?  Here is information on what you need to maintain and repair.


Keeping Your Building Safe

Natural gas keeps your home clean and warm for your friends and family.  Here’s how you can keep your pipes and equipment safe.


Natural Gas Appliance Safety

Your natural gas appliances are made with the highest quality and safety standards. To insure that your natural gas home or business is always a safe one, we urge customers to become educated consumers.



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