Recognizing and maintaining electric safety around your home, business and community are the most important ways by which you can protect yourself, your loved ones and neighbors from serious injury or even death.

Take a few minutes to review our safety tips, from what to during a power outage to reporting wire or energy theft.

For the safety of our electric crews, as well as your own and other motorists, please slow down when you see the warning signs or lights of bucket trucks and lineman in or near roadways.  Consider the following tips when you approach such areas:

  • Follow the directions given by warning signs, traffic flaggers or law enforcement professionals.
  • Reduce speed as you travel through a work area.  It’s not only the law but common sense, as well.
  • Respect traffic cones and other control devices.  Often times, these are the only item standing between our linemen and your vehicle.
  • Do not allow distractions take your eyes off the roadway as you travel through the work area.
  • Know that the safety of Unitil’s electric crews depends on your caring and understanding.


For more information on electrical safety, please contact us at 888-301-7700  800-852-3339 (Capital NH) or 800-582-7276 (Seacoast NH).


Your Responsibility 

Knowing how your electricity is delivered to your home or business is helpful – especially during storms and emergencies – because you are responsible for maintaining or repairing certain portions of the service.


Call Before You Dig

Don't forget to include your utilities in the planning of your excavation. Call 811 before you dig.


Building Safety

Keep your employees and customers safe when working in and around your business's electrical equipment.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a silent, odorless gas that gives no warning of its presence.  Beware of the signs:  nausea, cherry red lips, headaches; get fresh air and seek medical attention.


Downed Power Lines

Here are some essential tips to keep you and your employees safe if you encounter a downed power line.


Clear Ice & Snow from Meters

Ice and snow can build up outside your building and cause damage. Use a broom to keep gas meters and pipes clear during the winter.  Also, install protection above your gas meter to prevent ice build up one the meter and metering equipment.


Holiday Lighting Safety

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without the sparkle of lights inside and out.  But decking the halls for the festivities can pose some unique dangers. So, before you plug in, keep a few safety tips in mind.


Summer Storm Safety

Ensure your family’s safety and comfort during a summer power outage by following a few of these easy steps. 

Winter Storm Safety

Advance preparation before can go a long way in managing the inconvenience of an outage after a storm has passed.  The following tips offer advice on preparing and “weathering” a New England storm and its aftermath.



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