Natural gas is half the cost of oil to heat your business. That makes sense.

Choosing natural gas means choosing cost savings, choosing the environment, and choosing economic benefits for the community.


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Good for the Environment

Good for the Environment

Natural gas isn’t just easier on your wallet, it’s easier on the environment—and it can lead to energy independence. We have an estimated 100-year supply in the U.S., and 98 percent of the natural gas used in the United States is produced in North America.

By switching from oil heat to natural gas, you can dramatically reduce your CO2 and other emissions, protecting not only your family's health but our planet's as well.

Good for the environment

Good for the Community

Natural gas doesn’t just benefit you; it benefits your entire community. As Unitil embarks on upgrading our pipeline infrastructure and expanding our reach to new customers, local communities in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts will see substantial local economic benefits. Construction jobs will employ local workers, and reduced energy costs for all customers will result in more money contributed to the local economy rather than being diverted to pay for imported energy.

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