Unitil electric customers in MassachusettsNew Hampshire have the option to purchase their electricity from competitive suppliers or take supply service from Unitil. Because New England restructured its electric industry over a decade ago to offer “retail choice” to electric customers, third party electric supply companies are allowed to solicit utility customers in our service territories. These solicitations refer to the “supply” rate of your bill, which is only one portion of the overall rate utility customers pay.

State regulations require utilities to solicit bids from the market suppliers every six months, and this supply rate, which reflects the current market cost to actually make the electricity, changes every six months. Unitil obtains new bids from energy providers bi-annually. Over time, market prices change, depending on a number of factors, including the supply and demand for electricity. These prices fluctuate similar to the ways home heating oil and gasoline prices fluctuate.

All customers not purchasing electricity supply from a competitive supplier will be placed on Unitil’s BasicEnergy service. The availability of BasicEnergy Service ensures that no one will ever be without a supplier of electricity.

Click here for a list of active energy suppliers in your state.

The table below provides the currently available electric competitive supplier options for residential and small commercial customers in Unitil’s Massachusetts service area in accordance with Section 11, Electric Offer Information, of the Company’s Tariff, Terms and Conditions for Competitive Suppliers. Under this program, a Competitive Supplier may choose to have the Company provide customers with information on its current Electric Offers.


Competitive Supplier Contact Info Offer Number Price Term Length Termination Penalties/Exit Fees Additional Information
There are no offers available through this program at this time.


Disclosure: The details regarding Electric Offers contained herein have been submitted by Competitive Suppliers and represent an overview of certain alternative supply offers available from participating Competitive Suppliers. Unitil does not endorse or have any affiliation with the Competitive Suppliers or Electric Offers described above. The Electric Offers described on this page are provided for informational purposes only and do not represent legal contracts or obligations. These Electric Offers do not necessarily represent all available offers from Competitive Suppliers. For a complete list of Competitive Suppliers and their contact information, please refer to this link. Interested customers should contact the appropriate Competitive Supplier to learn about the complete terms and conditions associated with that supplier’s Electric Offers. Contracts with Competitive Suppliers may be subject to certain risks and/or penalties not fully described in the information above. For more information about retail supply in Massachusetts, please contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Fixed vs. Variable Service Rates

In Massachusetts, residential and small General Service (GD-1) customers are placed on the fixed rate. The fixed basic energy service rate will remain the same for six months at a time and will be based on the average price over the six-month period. Unitil will set the rates for each six-month period based on its contract with the provider. If you are assigned to this fixed rate, you are allowed to change to the monthly variable rate; however, you may only make this change once. You can find the fixed rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) here by rate class.

Variable basic energy service rates will change from month to month to reflect the actual cost of electricity purchased each month. If you are assigned to this rate, you are allowed to change to the fixed rate; however, you may only make this change once.  You can find the variable rates by month by rate class here.

If you decide to switch to a competitive supplier before the six-month period is over, your electric bill will be recalculated to reflect the variable rate. This ensures that you pay the actual costs of the electricity you have used. The adjustment may be a credit or debit, and will be reflected on your first bill after the switch is effective.


Renewable Energy Supply Options
Unitil has discontinued its Renewable Source Option, also known as the Green Neighbor Program, effective December 19, 2013. Unitil appreciated your participation in the program; however, due to a lack of customer participation, it is not cost-effective to continue providing this particular service to customers. If you have an interest in renewable energy, the following is a list of some energy suppliers that offer renewable energy products:
The US Department of Energy provides a web page with a listing of more than 20 energy suppliers that provide renewable energy and retail renewable energy credit products available to customer nationally or regionally.

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