As a new Unitil customer, we want to welcome you and provide you with the resources you need to set up your account.

To set up commercial or industrial electric service, please contact a Customer Projects Coordinator in your area:

Seacoast (NH) region: 603-777-5510
Capital (NH) region: 603-227-4533

New residential electric customers should contact us at 888-301-7700 800-582-7276 (Seacoast NH) or 800-852-3339 (Capital-area NH) to start service.


We offer enhanced metering options for our large commercial & industrial electric customers. The following are fee-for-service items that can be added to your account.

  • Pulse output service provides a digital output from your meter to a device that will interpret the data so that you can monitor your usage. This service is helpful for customers who wish to monitor their electrical usage and profiles.  This output can be transmitted to interactive devices such as a building management systems to provide automated control of various loads such as HVAC , lighting, or process activities.

     Please contact us at 888-4-UNITIL or email us to add this fee-for-service item to your account.

  • Interval data service provides fifteen-minute interval data, on a monthly basis, allowing you to review your detailed usage from the previous billing cycle. Though this is an historical look at your profile, such information can help you to determine when and how effectively you are using your electricity. 

     Click here to enroll in this service online or access your existing subscription.

     You may also enroll by calling 888-301-7700 (and pressing option 6) or emailing your request to us.


Power Supply Options

Our commercial and industrial electric customers have the opportunity to choose the company that supplies their electricity, an option often referred to as customer choice.  When a customer chooses to purchase their electricity from a competitive supplier, they still receive delivery service from Unitil.  A customer who does not wish to purchase electricity from a supplier, or who cannot find an attractive supply alternative, automatically receives electricity supply and delivery service from Unitil. Learn more.


Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives

Unitil offers energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs to our commercial and industrial customers.

We provide services for our small C&I customers (less than 300 kW/month) that include technical and financial assistance to help you find ways to become more energy efficient - and save money. Incentives that cover a portion of the installed cost are available on prescribed equipment. Eligible technologies include high efficiency lighting, efficient motors, refrigeration, and refrigeration controls. Custom projects may also qualify.

Our large C&I customers (more than 300 kW/month demand) can take advantage of financial and technical services to facilitate the replacement of old, inefficient equipment with new energy efficient equipment in existing facilities. Prescriptive and custom incentives are available to cover a portion of the installed cost of the equipment.  Learn more…

Our C&I New Construction Program offers financial and technical services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers building a new facility, undergoing a major renovation, or replacing failed equipment. Prescriptive and custom incentives are available to cover a portion of the incremental cost of the efficient over standard equipment.  Learn more…

Rates & Tariffs

Click here for our rate classes and tariff schedules.

We provide a historical index of our electric rates (by rate class) to help you estimate your supply and delivery costs each month. Click here for more detail. 

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For general questions about your service, contact us toll-free at the number listed above. We’re happy to take your call and answer your question.

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