Unitil and its people are committed to helping you improve and maintain optimal energy efficiency and is pleased to offer innovative energy efficiency programs to all of our customers – providing a key pathway for us to partner with you to save energy resources, increase productivity for your business, and reduce your monthly energy costs.

We’ve included below information about our electric and gas programs, what we offer, who’s eligible, and how you can participate. Many of these programs provide rebates to help defray the cost of the equipment and all provide you with information on wise energy use.


Unitil Smart Energy Solutions


Electric Customers

Unitil, in coordination with other Massachusetts New Hampshire electric utilities, is pleased to offer three business energy efficiency programs designed to address specific markets and/or efficient technologies for our commercial, industrial and institutional electric customers.

Small Business Energy Efficiency Services

This program is designed specifically for our smaller business customers (less than 300 200 kW/month). We offer technical and financial assistance to help you find ways to become more energy efficient - and save money. Our energy contractor will complete a free technical assessment of your facility. Recommended energy efficiency opportunities will be provided along with the associated costs and benefits.

Incentives that cover a portion of the installed cost are available on prescribed equipment. Eligible technologies include lighting, efficient motors, refrigeration and refrigeration controls occupancy sensors, electric hot water measures, and controls for walk-in coolers, air-conditioning, and programmable thermostats. Custom projects may also qualify.

For more information, contact us at 888-301-7700800-582-7276 or via our online form.


Large Business Retrofit Program

This program is for our large business customers with average monthly demands greater than 300 200 kW. We provide financial and technical services to facilitate the replacement of old, inefficient equipment with new energy efficient equipment in existing facilities. Prescriptive and custom incentives are available to cover a portion of the installed cost of the equipmentthe lesser of a one-year payback or 35% of the installed cost of the equipment.

We offer detailed energy audits (a customer co-payment of up to 25% of the audit cost may be required), reviews of specific energy efficiency projects, equipment and building commissioning, and educational programs and seminars.

For more information, call us toll-free at 888-301-7700 800-582-7276 or contact us online.

Financial incentives are available for qualifying energy efficient equipment. Pre-approval of rebates by Unitil is required prior to the purchase and installation of the energy efficient equipment. Contact your Unitil Account Executive at 800-582-7276 for an application and assistance. We will review your proposal and estimate your rebate amount or make you a rebate offer for installing certain energy efficient equipment. The actual rebate amount will be based on the final product installed.

Compressed Air RebateRebate


Custom RebateRebateInstructions
Lighting RebateRebate


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Traffic Light (LED) RebateRebate 
Motor RebateRebateInstructions
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) RebateRebateInstructions
Commercial & Industrial (C&I) New Equipment & Construction Program

Our C&I New Equipment & Construction Program offers financial and technical services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers building a new facility, undergoing a major renovation, or replacing failed equipment. Prescriptive and custom incentives are available to cover a portion of the incremental cost of the efficient over standard equipmentthe lesser of a one-year payback or 75% of the incremental cost of the efficient over standard equipment. We provide detailed plan reviews, including assessments of specific energy efficiency projects and equipment and building commissioning. 

For complete program details, call us toll-free at 888-301-7700 800-582-7276 or contact us online.



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