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Winter Energy Rates

What you need to know to prepare for this winter’s energy costs.

Energy markets around the world are bracing for an energy supply crunch this winter. Beginning November 1, 2021 and December 1, 2021, Unitil’s regulated natural gas and electric supply rates will change, and the wholesale power market costs will result in higher energy costs for the upcoming six-month period.

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A Global Issue


Because global demand for natural gas is outpacing production, significant increases in energy costs are expected for many home heating options, including oil, natural gas and electricity. Lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a heating fuel crisis in Europe, and crippled natural gas production in the gulf coast following Hurricane Ida have all contributed to what is now being called in the media a potential energy crisis.

As a distribution utility, Unitil is not a part of the electric generation market and in no way benefits or profits from the higher energy supply prices set to impact our region this winter. All supply costs, whether they are the Unitil default rate, those of a town aggregation plan, or a personal third party choice, are a direct pass-through on bills. Our focus is on helping you, our customer, manage your energy needs and to connect those in need with the support programs and services available.

Rates vary from state to state due to differences in regulations and renewable portfolios; we encourage you to view the rates on our website or log on to your MyUnitil account and check your most recent statement.

Assistance & Resources

Unitil understands the challenges that customers may face trying to manage their Unitil bills and we are ready to assist by offering a variety of programs that can help with your energy costs.
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